Yarri Road Refuse Facility

Yarri Road Refuse Facility

The Yarri Road Refuse Facility, also known as the tip, is a landfill and waste disposal plant operated by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

The Facility is located at 33 Yarri Road, approximately 7 kilometres north-east of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. 
Use of the Yarri Road Refuse Facility is free for domestic waste brought to the Yarri Road facility by car, utilities, vans or trailers up to 1.2 m x 2.4 m.
Opening hours
Yarri Road Refuse Facility is open:
  •  Monday to Sunday
  •  7am to 5pm
  •  Closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day
To contact the facility phone (08) 9091 4308.
Waste and recycling areas
Material entering the site is to be disposed of at the designated areas.

Recyclable goods should be separated and place these in the recycle areas provided. Recyclable goods include: Lead acid batteries, aluminium cans, e-waste and motor oil.
Tyre disposal
Only controlled waste carriers are permitted to dispose of tyres on behalf of businesses.

Tyres under 200kg do not require a controlled waste form but are still required to be transported by a licensed carrier.

Domestic tyres are to be separated from general rubbish and disposed of as directed by staff
Commercial and industrial waste
Businesses and other commercial organisations using the facility will be charged a waste disposal fee based on the weight and type of waste disposed of. Details of the fees can be found in the Schedule of fees and charges.

Any potentially contaminated soil must be tested in accordance with the Landfill Waste Classification and Waste Definitions 1996 (As amended December 2009) by a NATA accredited laboratory. Results must be provided to the City prior to approval to dispose at Yarri Road Refuse Facility. Analysis results should be emailed to the City’s Waste Team.

Commercial and industrial waste must be weighed and categorised by the the Yarri Road refuse facility Site Controller.

The Department of Water and Environment Regulation provide guidance for the classification of waste for acceptance to landfills, including:
  •  Landfill classes and waste types
  •  Definitions
  •  Classification of waste
  •  Sampling solid waste and interpretation of results
Domestic waste
City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder residents disposing of domestic waste can use the facility free of charge.

Domestic Refuse Classification refers to waste streams generated from the day to day operations of a household on a residential premise. 

Waste streams that are not classified as domestic refuse include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Concrete;
  • Bricks;
  • Building Waste/rubble;
  • Construction and demolition materials;
  • Asbestos;
  • Contaminated soil;
  • More than two vehicle tyres;
  • Chemicals and paint; and
  • Hazardous materials.
Residential clean up dockets
Residential clean up dockets are available for residential properties in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder only. Please refer to the policy for more infotmation.

They are valid for 5 days and allow residents to avoid being charged commercial disposal rates, for up to 4 tonnes of waste, when utilising a contractor or a business vehicle to transport domestic waste to Yarri Road refuse facility.

Residential clean up dockets can be obtained in person from the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Please have these ready to provide to the facility with the following information:
  • Name of contractor
  • Registration number of vehicle
Customer Safety Onsite
When on site at the Yarri Road Refuse Facility please make sure:
  • You wear enclosed shoes
  • Obey all safety signs and directions from the facility employees
  • Children remain in the vehicle at all times