Sewerage and Waste Water

Sewerage and Waste Water

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder owns and maintains the sewerage infrastructure in the district.

Day-to-day operation of the sewerage infrastructure is controlled by the City’s Waste Team, who conducts programmed and emergency maintenance to provide uninterrupted sewage services.

To report blocked sewer mains and overflows, please contact 0417 707 688
Wastewater treatment
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is one of the largest local government re-users of effluent water in Australia.

The South Boulder Waste Water Treatment Facility treats wastewater from our local sewer system and produces an effluent that is used for watering City parks and gardens. It also supplies effluent water to government and private organisations, including the mining industry, to minimise the demand on the Goldfields and Agricultural Water Pipeline Scheme.
Reimbursements for private plumbing works
For information on reimbursements relating to blockages in sewer property connections and the installation of reflux valves to protect property from sewer surcharge, for customers and plumbers, please refer to the Waste Services Policy.
Wastewater Collection Customer Service Charter
The Customer Service Charter for Wastewater Collection details the City's commitment to providing residents with quality wastewater management services.

The charter outlines:
  • The role of the charter
  •  Services we provide
  •  Contact details and emergency assistance
  •  Your basic rights
  •  Our powers
Financial Hardship
Please refer to the Financial Hardship policy for Water Liceces for information on how the City can assist you if you cannot pay a rate notice due to financial hardship. This policy refers to the sewered area rates of your rates notice.