Tenders & Quotations

Tenders & Quotations

All City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder tenders are listed on this page.
Invitation to Tender No. T002
17/18 Goldfields War Museum – Construction and Restoration

12 Aug 2017

14 Sept 2017
Invitation to Tender No. T003
17/18 Goldfields War Museum – Exhibition Fit-out
12 Aug 2017 14 Sept 2017
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder regularly issue tenders for public submission and so have streamlined its tender process by providing an e-Tendering system that enables prospective suppliers to download tender documents online via the City’s e-procurement portal.

In order for a supplier to download documents they first need to register their company details on the website. As part of this process, suppliers are able to register their interest against various products and services categories and the region they operate in. This registration enables the supplier to be sent automatic notifications of any new tenders lodged against these categories from any of the participating councils.

The site provides a full audit trail of companies who have downloaded documents, and thus in the case of addendums needing to be issued, can be sent to all suppliers at once via email and loaded onto the website. A forum is available for potential suppliers to clarify any requirements of the tender, and remain anonymous, with responses being available to all who have downloaded the document.

In the event that suppliers are unable to access any part of the Tenderlink website, ie: registering, downloading documentation, submitting proposals etc, they should please contact TenderLink Customer Support on 1800 233 533

To encourage local industry to tender for the provision of Councils requirements, Council will advertise tenders in local newspapers.
The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has streamlined its internal quotation process to utilise an online request for quotation (RFQ) portal where local suppliers will form part of an established panel arrangement (through Local Buy Vendor Panel)

Vendor Panel is used by hundreds of government organisations, utilities, universities and corporations across Australia and manages hundreds of millions in quote based purchasing The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder goal is to help Council purchasing staff engage with local suppliers using a transparent and simple process. 
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