Growth Plan

Growth Plan

The Growing Kalgoorlie-Boulder Growth Plan is an economic development strategy that has been developed by Kalgoorlie-Boulder for Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It seeks to promote a sustainable and prosperous future for the City.

The Plan provides an important strategic planning platform for governments to improve collaboration and decision making.  It is also a tool to assist businesses to realise their growth potential and a catalyst for the community to engage in the future of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and to drive improved wellbeing and prosperity.

Our vision is
In 2050, Kalgoorlie-Boulder enjoys exceptional lifestyle opportunities and a prosperous, diverse economy built upon our skills, natural resource, rich cultures and heritage.

To achieve our vision the City will focus on three mutually reinforcing Strategic Themes,
  • Enhancing liveability;
  • Strengthening the economy through diversification; and
  • Building on Kalgoorlie-Boulder competitive strength in mining.
The Strategic Themes will be achieved through seven Priority Focus Areas;
  1. Build the knowledge economy
  2. Provide energy solutions
  3. Connect Kalgoorlie-Boulder to the world
  4. Develop and promote tourism
  5. Support aboriginal economic development
  6. Develop the built environment and sense of place
  7. Support business and industry development
These Priority Focus Areas recognise that growth in our local economy will continue to be driven by mining, mineral processing, education and transport.  However to support sustainable growth, the City needs to promote economic diversification and address the factors that will enhance local jobs and services, provide opportunities for aboriginal people, increase to role of renewable energy and enrich the liveability of the City.

To become involved in any of the seven stakeholder groups, contact the City’s Executive Manager Economy and Growth.