Local government elections, including the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, are held every 2 years. The next election will be held on 21 October 2017.

12 Councillors and the Mayor are elected for overlapping 4-year terms, with 6 Councillors elected every 2 years and the Mayor every 4 years. This is to ensure good governance, as the Councillors who remain in their seats provide continuity for residents and rate payers.

The Mayor is elected by a City-wide popular vote and the Deputy Mayor is elected by Council.

Elections for the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder were first held in 1997, following the passing of the Local Government Act 1995, when 12 Councillors were elected— 6 for 2-year terms and 6 for 4-year terms.

The current Council of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is composed of:

Mayor John Bowler (term ending 2019)
Deputy Mayor Allan Pendal (term ending 2017)
Councillor Deborah Botica (term ending 2017)
Councillor Lisa Malicky (term ending 2019)
Councillor Laurie Ayers (term ending 2017)
Councillor Mandy Reidy (term ending 2019)
Councillor Gary Brown (term ending 2017)
Councillor Suzie Williams (term ending 2019)
Councillor Glenn Wilson (term ending 2019)
Councillor Natalie Coxon (term ending 2019)
Councillor Pam O'Donnell (term ending 2017)
Vacant (term ending 2019)
Vacant (term ending 2017)

The 2015 Local Government Elections were conducted by a postal vote and results declared on Saturday 17 October 2015.